Sunday, April 27, 2008

Short on Sunday

I realize that I haven't written in a while, so will do something short now. It is bedtime on Sunday night and I need to hit the bed.

The weekend was good and relaxing. Basically just saw a movie with Natalie, grocery shopped, and poked around the house some. Didn't get near done what I should have.

David and I ate at our new Qdoba restaurant down the road. I love that place and that it is so close! I still need to visit Red Robin, but that will have to wait. Also found a new pair of sandals at Rack Room. Hadn't shopped there before and found what I was looking for. Paid a tad more than usual, but it was tax-free weekend and they were on sale too. Plus, my normal cheap places didn't have anything I liked. I hope to get a couple of summers from them.

We had Home Reach meetings tonight instead of church. We have such a great group of neighbors/fellow church members. I hope we can finish our house this summer so we can host the group in the fall. But we still have rooms to paint, pictures to hang, and the dining room wallpaper to strip.

Tonight I am praying for Caroline, the 18-year-old daughter of friends. She has chosen a lifestyle with a boyfriend rather than following her Christian upbringing. Her parents have asked her to leave their home, so I also lift them to the Father. I pray that the Lord will break this girl's heart for Him.

I am thankful for my children and their lives. I look forward to what the Lord is going to do through them.

Till next time!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm in North Carolina!

Today is Tuesday and I just finished my one-day writers conference with Charity Roberson, the campus minister at NC State University. We had a good conference, with a few students, but as many as usual. The main thing is we worked through all the outlines on Psalms and got some good ideas for Charity to draw from as she writes. I think she will do fine!

It is raining here and has off and on the whole time I've been here. My flight yesterday was delayed on the runway in Nashville, then was fairly bumpy during the last half of the flight. I found my way to campus and my hotel pretty well, no thanks to Google Maps. It did not give me the correct highway number. But I found my way anyway. The campus is fairly spread out and not especially pretty, but in a quaint area. The homes are mostly 1920s-style--typical campus-town-style and my favorite!

Not far from the hotel and the BSU is Cameron Village, a fairly new shopping district. I found Starbucks for breakfast, then we went there for lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill. That was my first time for Moe's. I liked it!

The hotel is so-so. The room is fine, but the place as a whole, is older and overpriced. It could use a remodel that pays attention to detail!

And it is back to the airport in the morning to come home. These shorter conferences work OK, but there is added pressure to get everything covered in just a day. And you wind up traveling two days of the three involved. But I like to travel.

Now, as soon as I get back home, normal life starts again. Dinner theater is over, so no more rehearsals! The three performances went pretty well and it was great fun! It always feels crazy to be so glad for something to be over, but you miss it. Just like finishing seminary!

Today I'm praying for those who grieve. I know while we go about our routines, some folks are hurting very deeply.

I'm thankful for God's promises to uphold us during our trials. He is so good!

Later! That's all for now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday!

Wow! I'm both a little pumped this morning and still tired! Last night was opening night of "One Mad Night," our church dinner theater production. I played a doctor again, but enjoyed it. Funny, but three different folks from the audience asked "Didn't you play a doctor last year?" Funny!

The play went pretty well. The crowd wasn't too large, but that's OK. Perhaps it will be better tonight and tomorrow night. I remembered all my lines, and even was thrown under the bus by one castmate. He totally forgot his line and threw the dialogue back to me. I had to reword my line to get us back on track. I don't think it was too obvious. It felt good to be the one to rescue the moment.

This morning I was awoken from a deep sleep by a low vibration and rattling glass. I immediately thought it was a piece of my delft porcelain on my dresser hitting the mirror or against another piece. Or it could have been the globe and glass shade in my bedside lamp. Then I fell into a deep sleep and barely even heard Zach getting ready for work. Since I took a vacation day today, I was sleeping in! I woke to tell David goodbye and mentioned the vibration I heard. Then he called to tell me that he'd heard on the truck radio that there had been an earthquake in Illinois during the morning. I felt it! Crazy!

I am so excited for a beautiful day of vacation and running a few errands. I'm headed to the chiropractor shortly, since I'm traveling next week for work and cannot make my regular appointment. Then later I'm going to get my hair trimmed and will chill for the rest of the day until needing to go to church for Play Round 2.

The neighbors had their baby this week. This is number 7 for this muslim family. Sam is 7th grade, Rita 3rd, Dema 2nd, Romy 1st, Rana Kindergarten, Dani age 2, and now little Sayid. Rana seems to be doing well after her trip to Philadelphia Children's Hospital and her pancreas surgery. I'm not sure what kind of work dad Mo is doing since his gasoline station has closed. I remain concerned about their finances and how they manage.

Today I'm praying for the family of April, a best friend of a friend at work. April died yesterday after her parents removed her from life support. April's husband recently severely beat her and caused brain damage. Her parents did not know she was in an abusive marriage and are seeking custody of her two small children. The husband/killer goes on trial in a few weeks. Unreal!

I'm thankful for life and health! With the stress I've had lately, it is amazing nothing has manifested itself. I pray it remains that way!

Till next time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy birthday to Natalie!

Well, I'm a few hours behind schedule, but I can still offer these blog wishes to Nat! Yesterday, Monday the 14th, was her 23rd birthday, or 8403rd day of life. She has brought us much delight!

I continue to pray that her job situation will change soon. She has determined that customer service by phone is not her gift. And we all want to be working in the areas of our gifts! I know that her birthday falling on a Monday in that type of office setting can make for a crazy day!

This is a wild week for the dinner theater. We're down to the wire now. We had our first dress rehearsal last night and have another tonight. Then Wednesday we'll run lines one last time. The performance will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We had hoped that the new fellowship hall with a grand stage and updated kitchen would be complete, but it is not--and just barely not! So that means no dinner for the dinner theater, plus tickets are free! We hope there will be a decent crowd! Unfortunately the publicity for the play was minimal.

This past Sunday night was our Spring choir and orchestra program. Sunday was a long day, with two presentations back to back, but it was good and always worth it. The music is so good and difficult to get out of one's head!

Today I pray for Natalie and that God's will for her life will become more evident. We love her so much! I also lift up our friend Cathy Hill, whose husband Gordon went on to heaven last week. Gordon was our contractor on the tornado house repairs, and they both became great friends.

Even though my schedule has been really hectic lately, such as being at church every day for two weeks straight, I am thankful for opportunities to throw myself into something. The timing is always when I need it!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stuff I Forgot Yesterday

Well, in all my gabbing yesterday, I totally forgot the anniversary. I guess that was actually a good thing.

Two years ago yesterday was the Hendersonville/Gallatin tornado--the day we'll always remember. Obviously we didn't go out to celebrate Zach's birthday as we had planned. We instead sat in traffic trying to get into Gallatin to get home, then finally wormed our way there, only to have a police escort to our front door, completely kicked in, with the Emergency Management tic-tac-toe marking on the house, designating that it had been checked for injured or trapped people. We used an officer's flashlight to see to grab overnight clothes and valuables, then searched the county for a hotel room. Thus began the six-month journey through packing and moving, dealing with insurance adjusters and contractors, and our move to Hendersonville--all amidst tremendous blessings. God is good! We weathered it fine, though seeing tornado damage on TV still sends my heart to my throat.

Yesterday Natalie had an interview for a possible new job with a local doctor. It is a temporary maternity leave position that could possibly go permanent. The plus would be the Hendersonville location and that she'd then be trained for medical office work and could have experience for work elsewhere. So we're hoping it will be!

On our hearts tonight is Gordon, our friend from church who is losing his battle with cancer. We sort of knew who he and his wife were, from the choir, but weren't really acquainted. They came to us just after the tornado to offer their contracting skills on the house repairs. Just out of love, they gave their time and helped us avoid scams or anyone who'd try to take advantage of us. Anyway, he's in much pain and they don't expect him to last much longer. I've never seen such a servant!

I am thankful tonight for many great friends who continue to lift me up when I need it! I so appreciate them!


Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Zach birthday!

Well, 26 years ago today, in the Catholic hospital St. Elizabeth, in Covington, Kentucky, Zachary Jordan Delph arrived. He was 7 lbs., 8 oz., and 21 inches long.

Wow, have we come a long way! Now he's 6'6" and about 280! He's still a sweety!

Yesterday was the beginning of a long, busy 2 weeks! After church yesterday, we grabbed a quick lunch at Zach's favorite Sunday lunch out: Captain D's. Oh, how he loves the all-you-can-eat! Then I was off to church for 4 hours of rehearsals: 2 hours for dinner theater and 2 for choir/orchestra. The Spring concert is next weekend, and the play the next, so it is crunch time.

Last night Zach and Natalie went out with a bunch of Z's friends for his birthday celebration at Black-Eyed Pea. There were about 15 of them, just for Z. They had fun.

Today I took Z to lunch at one of our favorites: Five Guys. If you're ever near Vanderbilt and want a great burger, try Five Guys. It is in a new complex on West End, where Fuddruckers used to be. The burgers are good and juicy, and the fries quite tasty!

Tonight we did Z's favorite home meal: Skyline Chili. Natalie came over and ate with us, then had birthday cake! I had to run to play practice, Z was going to a friend's to watch basketball, and Nat was meeting a girlfriend. I came home a little early (Yay!) to find David asleep on the couch! His normal spot!! :)

Happy birthday, Z!

I continue to be thankful for my family! Where would I be without them?!

The Smith family welcomed their newborn to the world and spent just over 2 hours with her before she went to heaven. We must continue to remember them.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Saturday post!

Well, it seems like I only post on Saturdays, at least lately. That's not my preference, but probably best.

The week was long and busy, like normal. As much as I enjoy dinner theater, these last weeks get long. Plus, there's the Spring choir and orchestra program next weekend. I think I only have 2 free nights for the next 2 weeks. But that's OK.

Last Monday was a momentous night. Zach played in a band accompanying a girl who sang for the Tennessee 4-H Congress at the War Memorial Auditorium. We were able to attend. It was a late night, since they didn't play until 9:15. That made it a late night, but it was fun.

Natalie came over last night for supper and to watch a movie. She had rented The Last Sin Eater and wanted us to see it. She hasn't heard anything on last week's job interview, but did get a nibble on another. She has an interview Monday for a temporary job at a local dr's office. The job could turn permanent, so it will be a good opportunity.

I finished another baby afghan in time for another shower. Today was the shower for Lewis and Mary Lea. She got lots of cute things. It will be so fun to see that little guy, when he arrives! I hope we can babysit him!

Zach has been playing guitar a lot this weekend. The worship band for our contemporary services are playing for a 2-night revival in Westmoreland. Aarron, our evangelism pastor, is preaching. I hope Rita and Shelby are able to attend.

I've not gotten much accomplished today, once again. But with everything that's going on, maybe I'm not supposed to. Rest is good.

I'm praying this week again for the Smiths, who's baby will be delivered on Monday, Zach's birthday. I pray God's will be done and He upholds this family through whatever happens.

I'm thankful He promises never to leave us! He is amazing!