Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun dinner and mixed feelings

The kids came over for Sunday dinner tonight, though it was Tuesday. I had splurged and bought a roast for Sunday dinner two days ago, but then they had lunch plans with friends. So we made it today. We--it was mostly David. He got the roast started before I got home. The kids (our new name for Zach and Marie), plus resident daughter Natalie, and David tried my new recipe for creamed corn. It calls for a 3-hour stint in the crockpot, but we skipped that and microwaved it to death. It tasted great, but didn't look like the corn I had when I got the recipe. I guess next time I'll use the crockpot! The good thing is that marriage has expanded Zach's food choices. He won't turn down Marie's meal, even though she used mushroom soup or something else he hates. He used to give me major grief. So it was important that the cream cheese in the creamed corn melt so he wouldn't know it was there! :)

Today a man we know from church was featured in a major news story, not in a good way. It really gives you a sick feeling, both for the possible crime and for what the person is going through. I'll never forget the time a couple of years ago at work when I started chatting with a young guy who worked for the caterers at the cafeteria. It doesn't make sense not to make conversation when you see the same people every day. He was a friendly guy, with a gentle quietness. Then one day he was on the news, arrested for physically abusing his child. It was so hard to believe. Truthfully, that sinful behavior lurks inside all of us; it is just the people on the news who do it and are caught.

This is random, but I saw a website today with cute photos. I don't recall the address, but if you search "piglet" and "dachshund," you'll find it. Such a sweet story of a mama dog and her adopted baby pig!

Well, that's two blogs in two days. I know you can't believe it. Thanks, Renee, for your encouragement!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm trying this again, plus My Wedding Day

Well, I'm going to try to write again. I write everywhere else, so I might as well do it here.

The last year has been so difficult. Thankfully, the Lord has provided a job with sweet, loving people that allows me to heal. I have to admit that I have occasional setbacks, but I guess that's normal.

To start things off, I thought I'd start with a questionnaire that my friend Renee posted on facebook. It was fun to do.

My Wedding Day

1. What was the date of your wedding?
July 5, 1980. We scheduled it for a holiday weekend so that family would have an extra day to travel.

2. Was this your first wedding?
Yes for both of us.

3. How many times were you a bridesmaid?
At least 6. I was a flower girl in a couple and photographed a couple. Now I can say I've been mother of the groom at one.

4. Did you get married in a church?
Yes. Two Rivers Baptist in Nashville, where I belonged.

5. Did you write your own vows?

6. Who walked you down the aisle?
My uncle Lacy. My dad had died 4 years before.

7. What were your colors?
cornflower blue and peach, so 80's!

8. How many attendants did you have?
5, all bridesmaids. I'd wrestled too many flower girls in my time to have children in my wedding.

9. What was your something old?
I think I wore an old handkerchief within my dress

10. What was your something new?
my dress and veil

11. What was your something borrowed?
earrings from Mom, I believe

12. What was your something blue?

13. What kind of flowers did you have in your bouquet?
white roses and gardenias

14. What were your centerpieces at the reception?
no. We kept the flower budget low--one main arrangement for the church, my bouquet, and silk arrangements for the girls.

15. If you could go back is there anything you would change about your wedding?
spend more time with people. Our photographer rushed us through the whole process.

16. How old were you when you got married?
I was 25 and David 29.

17. What was your first dance song?
did not dance

18. Did you have alcohol at your reception?
no. It was a simple punch and cake event inside the church

19. How many guests did you have?
About 200

20. How long were you engaged before the wedding?
5 months

21. How long did you date before you were engaged?
1 month. We married 6 months to the day that we met. And we met on a blind date.

22. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Florida. We spent one night in Birmingham, AL, then several days in a travel trailer park in Panama City Beach, FL. We left there for the Tampa area and visited a little lady in her 80s who David knew.

23. What did your wedding band look like?
gold band with cut swirls, same as what we wear today

24. What was your most memorable moment about your wedding?
the first moment in the foyer after coming down the aisle after the ceremony

25. Were you nervous at your wedding?
no, just excited

That's all for now!