Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wow, I didn't realize it had been a week since I had posted. I knew I had skipped a few days, but not a week!

Things are fairly so-so. Honestly, I've been a little down lately. I've taken my focus off the Lord and onto myself. I keep watching for Him to move, but I'm not seeing anything different. I realize that I only see a small version of the bigger picture, and cannot see what lies ahead. So I have to remind myself to be still and wait. I can't get ahead of Him!

Dinner theater practices have begun. I am playing a doctor at an insane assylum, again. Some of my lines and events in the play are strangely similar to last year's play. But the play is definitely not the same. We have several new folks in the cast this year and the cast is larger as well. We still have only read the first two acts, so we don't even know how the play ends. Should be fun!!

Our friends Keith and Kim will be in the air tonight for the long trip home from China. And their little Sadie will arrive with them! We are excited for them!

I'd like you to remember my friend Renee and her family. They have so many challenges, yet she remains cheerful and energetic! Her youngest daughter is dealing with a spinal situation and could face surgery. I lift them up! I don't know how Renee does all she does!

I'm thankful for God's provision! He is always there for us!

Till next time!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Babies, the Flu, and Elbows

Today we got to see pictures of our friends Keith and Kim's new 10-month-old daughter from China! She's adorable and we are anxious to meet her. They have been in the adoption process for over two years, so we're happy it is finally happening. I'm so thankful that little orphan babes are finding homes, and that loving parents are growing their families. We'll be praying for their safe return home from China next week.

On Saturday Natalie and Zach both got to see our friends' new baby Judah. They say he is very cute and tiny!! You forget how tiny newborns are! I'm anxious to see him too! His mom said they really like the baby afghan I made.

Every Sunday after I leave the orchestra pit following the third service, I walk "miles" to the other end of the church campus to where the college class meets. In the hallways I always get to see the tot buggies roaming around. Childcare workers push these 6-seat carts of cuties up and down the long halls. It is amusing to see when the carts come to a slanted ramp as the elevations change throughout the buildings. The kiddoes already know at this young age that at the top of a ramp they are to raise their arms to anticipate the decline, as when riding a roller coaster! They are so fun to see! Our little friend Nomi is usually on one of the buggies I see and I always talk to her, but she doesn't know me well enough yet to respond. Someday!

Well, the flu is hitting more and more folks! At least two, if not three, from my floor at work. Unfortunately, Natalie's roommate is sick too! I'm afraid no amount of antiseptic spray and hand washing prevented it! I hope her flu shot will lessen the effects.

Today I finally made a trip to the orthopedic folks at TOA. After my last flight to Oregon for a writers conference, I managed to aggravate the tendonitis in my elbow with my baggage shuffling. No amount of self-massage, anti-infammatories, exercise, and armband wearing over the last month has helped. So I gave in and surrendered myself to the torment of a cortisone shot. They hurt worse each time, somehow! But hopefully, this round of annoyance will be over soon.

Tonight we tried a new recipe for a mexican casserole. Very easy, as the directions promised, and quite good. Still haven't convinced Zach to try it yet, though. He's a purist, and doesn't care for the additional ingredients that make it a casserole! Maybe we can convince him next time!

Great news! David, being off from school today because of President's Day, rummaged around in the large storage room we call the garage. He stumbled upon a container of current clothes that we'd been missing for over a year! It was only half a dozen shirts/sweaters, but the two pieces that belong to me were sorely missed! I'm so excited over finding the two old things!

I just got a call from Ken at church about this year's dinner theater. Our first rehearsal is tomorrow night. I look forward to the activity, but will miss the free evenings for the next two months. That's OK; it will be great fun!

Well, I've rambled enough. I need to try to get some extra sleep for a change!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Natalie's Well!

Thankfully, Natalie has gotten over her bout with the flu! She went back to work yesterday, then we all gathered to eat out dinner together to celebrate her spiritual birthday! She wanted Carabba's, so we joined the many other people waiting for a table and finally got in. I do like their lasagna!

Our friends Aarron and Crytal had their baby boy yesterday--Judah! I don't have any more specifics yet, and am anxious to see him! Now his birthday will be just a day after his dad's!

Valentine's Day was good. Zach took me to lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots: Fiesta Azteca. Then for dinner we didn't go out since David and I had had a nice dinner last weekend and were planning Natalie's special dinner last night. So we got fast food. We were on the run, taking a sandwich to Natalie with her Valentine treats from us. It was nice to hear her getting back to normal.

Nothing much else is going on. Today is a fair day outside, so we may go run some errands. We have much to do inside, with the dining room still looming at us, but I doubt we'll accomplish much there! Someday!

Today I'm thankful for family! We are blessed!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rainy Days and Tuesdays--and Snow in the Forecast

Wow, what a nasty rain day today! We woke to thunder, drove in the mess, then had dropping temps in the evening. Oh well, at least it isn't a tornado! And, now, we have snow and ice coming tomorrow. I dread that drive to work!

Sweet Nat is so sick! She's got the flu, I'm afraid. She's had coughing, aches, fever, and chills for two days now. Sorry to say, but she still may have another day or two of it! I feel so helpless for her! We've made food and med drop-offs for her the past two days to make sure she has what she needs. She doesn't want to come to our house, which will probably help keep us from getting it. Don't know if someone at work had the flu, or if she picked it up from one of the babies in the church nursery. Just hope it hurries and goes away for her! She's miserable!

I went to a great women's ministry meeting at church last night. It was a general meeting of all the council members and a good introduction time for me, since I'm new to the group. Boy, was it an unexpected blessing! Tammy spoke on how important it is to be still and let God speak and work! I so needed that message. I think the group is going to be a sweet sisterhood for me--something I've needed for a while!

Today I'm thankful for fellowship with other believers!

Please pray for Natalie to have some relief!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Good Weekend

Well, here it is Sunday night and time to start the week over. It seems like the weekend was fairly long, but again, I'm not ready for Monday.

Friday night David and I tried the new Carabbas restaurant. Zach had gone to Jackson to help with Union's tornado clean-up and Natalie did childcare for a program at church. The restaurant was good, but a little overrated. The wait was a little long, but the food tasty. I had lasagna and David ravioli. I didn't care for my salad, so David had extra!

Saturday David went to Gallatin to volunteer in tornado clean-up in Castalian Springs. He spent the day picking up debris where homes were destroyed and a woman killed. He was surely tired when he got home! Zach came in later in the afternoon and was pooped too! He spent all Friday and Saturday morning helping pack professors' offices and hauling things down three flights of stairs. He said campus was a real mess!

I spent much of the day finishing crocheting a baby afghan to give for a gift tomorrow. I was glad to finally finish it late last night!

Church today was good. Sunday School in the college department got to me, though. We had testimonies of four of our students who experienced the storm at Union. One guy was pinned under wreckage; two guys within inches of him are still in the hospital, but he's fine. He said they were under 25 feet of debris. That is so hard to imagine. But he said it changed his life. Though he was a Christian, it made him realize how it can all be gone. He said he's changed his priorities!

After the testimonies, Jason, our college minister, ended the class by playing a song by Matt Redman. We were to listen prayerfully, with our eyes closed. Well, that's when it all started to get to me...the memories all brought back fresh again and the emotions tied to it. Just has made me a little weepy today.

So today, I'm thankful that God is in control and protects us. All we have to do is ask. He is there!

Please remember our next-door neighbors, the Saleh family. Dad Mohammed is still in Philadelphia with 5-year-old Rana. She had surgery on her pancreas because of uncontrollable blood sugar. Vanderbilt treated her for a while, then sent her there. Mom Lulu is here in H'ville with the other 5 children and #7 is due in April. Neighbors are doing what we can to help as Dad is the only breadwinner in this Muslim family and had to close his business while in PA. We've tried to spread the word that this is a good mission activity, as they could lose their home from this financial setback. Rana is recovering well and should be home soon.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tornadoes Again!

Well, last night was a doozy! We are safe and our community was spared, but there was destruction and death just up the road in Castalian Springs, the next burg east of Gallatin.

We kept a close watch on the weather. I am very thankful for the technology that tells us when tornadoes are coming our way. We called Natalie to ask that she come over to spend the night with us, rather than in her 3rd floor apartment. This request went against her attempts to remain independent. She reluctantly complied, then napped through the worst of it. We spent 10 minutes or so in our center hallway, as the storm passed. Since we don't have a basement and our bathrooms are on the end of the house, we decided the hall was probably the best bet.

Zach spent much of the evening on the phone talking to his friends in Jackson. He has many buds at Union, both on staff, in school, or working in town. One of the dorms destroyed was where he lived in '01 when a tornado hit before. So he's tired today, after all the communicating and deciding to assume the role of our family's emergency management officer!

Other than that, all is well. David is enjoying Sumner County schools being off today. Natalie made it through her root canal event just fine.

I'm glad to be safe and sound, and not picking through rubble, as many are today! Please pray for those folks who lost everything and for the families who lost loved ones.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Lovely Day

Today was a great Saturday! It was nice not to have anything specific to do. Natalie and I had a movie date (saw 27 dresses, which was cute), then poked around Bath Junkie to concoct some great smelling stuff! We made custom liquid bath powder, which is a satiny, moisturizing lotion that feels like powder after rubbing it in. I made some in Rose and Rain fragrances for part of Mom's birthday present tomorrow. Nat made a specific Valentine's Day recipe they had named Hot Date. I don't remember all the ingredients, but it smelled really great.

It was beautiful outside today, with temps in the 50s. David took on a task he's wanted to do for quite a while: cleaning out the gutters! Yuck! It always scares me when he's on the ladder. But all went well. He also cut down the bushy, prickly shrubs in the front yard that I've always hated! Hurrah!

Zach and I were glad to hear Rick Burgess back on the Rick and Bubba Show this week. The Lord has strengthened him so, after his son's drowning 2 weeks ago today. It was amazing how many lives have been changed through this sad, sad event. Please remember Rick, Sherry, and the Burgess children as they continue to grieve. To read more, go to http://www.rickandbubba.com.

I had a small-world experience this past week. In church orchestra rehearsal we went over an arrangement of the song "Wonderful, Merciful Savior." I've always enjoyed that song; it is so pretty! I even rehearsed to sing it with a couple of other girls on our Montana mission trip last summer. Anyway, in rehearsal I noticed the names of the writers of the song: Dawn Rogers and Eric Wyse. You don't see too many incidents of that spelling of Wyse. I got acquainted with an Eric Wyse who is a church organist for a large church in Nashville. He purchased two church organs from Mom last summer. I helped her post some of her antiques to sell on Craigslist and maintained the e-mail through which potential buyers would write. Eric and I spoke by phone for me to give him directions to Mom's house. So this week I e-mailed Eric to ask if he were the same Eric Wyse on the song credits. He responded with yes, in fact, he was. He and his now-wife Dawn wrote the song in 1989 when they were dating. How cool!

Well, I'm going to close this post with a thanks, as many other posters do. What a wonderful idea! I hope to always close in this way.

I'm thankful for my family, today's sunshine, and my car's sunroof (the closest I'll get to my mid-life convertible!).