Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sad Day

The last few days have been interesting, with treacherous driving conditions in the most recent snowstorm and the passing of a 26-year-old family friend.

A snowstorm hit yesterday afternoon, making a huge mess of everyone's commute home. I left work around 3:30 and was home in almost 2 hours. My normal drive is about 25 minutes--10 miles. Folks downtown had huge trouble since traffic just stopped. Some people reported 5- and 6-hour commutes! Son left a little early, so missed the worst of the driving. Daughter got some good driving experience, as her normal 40 minute drive took 2.5 hours. She did great!

Roads were still covered today and temperatures very low, so we stayed home from work! That was nice!

We were saddened to learn that our daughter's friend, who had recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, was being transported to hospice right in the middle of the snow yesterday. She had abdominal issues in the fall, with severe pain that led to exploratory surgery. That exposed stage 4 cancer, with the colon and liver affected. They tried alternative health treatment since her liver was too affected to endure chemotherapy, and had plans to go to the West coast for treatment last weekend. But instead, they had to take her to the ER, where they determined her liver had shut down. She passed today. We are so thankful that she knew the Lord, so she's there ahead of us!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show Us Your Life -- Singles

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is having a "Show Us Your Life - Singles" blog, where we can introduce people to their single friends and family.

Let me introduce you to my friend and daughter Natalie!

Natalie is in her mid-20s and lives in the Nashville, TN area, She's a Christ follower and loves the Lord. She's witty and fun and a true friend. Natalie loves music and movies, Elvis and cupcakes! She formerly worked at Starbucks, where Ricky Skaggs and Taylor Swift were among her regular customers. She now works in customer service at a Nashville media conglomerate. Natalie enjoys hanging with friends, going to concerts, or simply watching a movie at home.

You are truly blessed if you can call Natalie your friend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why We Do What We Do

In orchestra rehearsal tonight, Keith made a great point. Some songs we may really enjoy playing (singing) and others may not be our favorites. However, we should remember that each song touches someone else. It doesn't matter how we personally feel about the song. Our job is to play (sing) it for His glory.

Much of what we think is important is actually not. How we feel doesn't matter. What does matter is that we are obedient. We may think we're in limbo, but if we stay focused on Him and obey Him, He will use us in remarkable ways.

So it doesn't matter! We might love a worship song or might have the perfect ministry career. Or we might not.

If you don't like the song, play it like it is your favorite! It is His!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Has it really been that long?

I really must get back to writing this blog! I can't believe it has been so long since I've touched it.

I think I struggle with knowing what to share. There are some days that nothing happens and some when you don't want to hear from me. I can write pages of stuff, sharing my heart, then realize you don't need to know all that. I know writing can be therapeutic, but we don't want to go there.

The folks at my work church lost three people yesterday. One man was in hospice, another elderly lady with medical issues, and another younger woman who just dropped. Then I heard today of a young man who lost his sister in a car accident yesterday: his birthday. I grieve for him and these other families. I hurt for the families who lost loved ones in the shooting in Tucson. In the days following our tornado experience in '06, it seemed so strange that while we were rushing around tending to salvaging our home and belongings, other people laughed and seemed to have no care. It is the same when families experience death. While we laugh at a joke, someone's world is upside down.

Loss is hard and affects each person differently. I lost my dad when I was in college. I lost a vocal cord 15 years ago with thyroid surgery. I lost my career two years ago.

But I have life and a warm home. I have a loving husband and wonderful children. And I have a heavenly Father who knows the course I'm traveling. Thank You!