Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cute Babies and Dental Issues

Yesterday I was blessed with meeting the cutest little one-year-old! This cutey-pie is the son of a friend from work and was born in Taiwan. His parents waited a long time for their son and are as proud as any parents I've seen. I enjoy reading their blog and have followed their journey for some time. It was great to meet the little guy! Too cute!

Reading this family's blog is one of my latest interests: reading blogs of families and following the events in their lives. Many of the folks I follow are facing serious life events, such as childhood cancer or adoption issues. Some of the families I know personally, some I've met through cyber space, and others I know from having stumbled across their blogs from links on others' blogs. I like being able to pray for these children and families.

A major event today involved dealing with dentists, endodontists, and a dental insurance company. Natalie needs a root canal and crown, much to our surprise. I've decided that I agree with David that we should have gone into different professions. Oh, to have a career in which you can demand high fees and get away with it! Let's, dentistry, funeral, wait. Retract that last one!

Hey, that's all for tonight! So glad the winds have died down from last night! We all know that windy, stormy weather makes me nervous! :/


First Post!

Well, after years of reading others' blogs and various postings, I decided to take the plunge. Granted, I may not always have much of anything useful to say, but at least I'm trying!

Till next time!